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Magnetic Eyelashes Value Pack 1

$69.80 $59.00

The current lash trend that everyone’s raving about. Longer, fuller lashes without the glue. Apply easily (by yourself) anywhere anytime and re-use multiple times. It’s a yes from us.

This Kit Includes:
1 x Magnetic Eyelash Set of your choice
1 x Magnetic Eyeliner


Magnetic Eyelashes

Silk Fibre Magnetic Eyelashes used in conjunction with Silk Magnetic Eyeliner offer full volume and luxurious length. Natural or glamorous, subtle to dramatic - 6 different styles to choose from.

Magnetic Eyeliner

Our new Silk Innovative Magnetic Eyeliner is to be used in conjunction with the Silk Magnetic Eyelashes. The Magnetic Eyeliner is Vegan and Waterproof and is easily removed after use.

Can also be used as a stand-alone Black Waterproof Eyeliner.