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Clear Brow Fixing Gel


Silk’s Vegan Clear Brow Fixing Gel has been designed to give brows a secure and polished finish. This versatile product can be used to neatly brush eye brows, prepare eye brows for make-up application, secure Silk’s Fibre Brow Enhancer and provide hold that is long lasting.

• Vegan Friendly
• Helps set Silk Vegan Fibre Brow Enhancer in place
• Brushes brow hairs in place
• Provides hold
• Helps brow make-up last longer
• Easy to apply and remove


1) Use the Silk Clear Brow Fixing Gel to prepare the eyebrows. Brush over clean brows starting from the inner part of the brow moving outwards.
2) After applying Silk’s Fibre Brow Enhancer or any brow make-up, reapply the Vegan Clear Brow Fixing Gel to seal and give extra hold.

To remove simply use water. Upon removal, no traces of the product will be visible.

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